Hello, my name is Kieran Rigby.
I love to make things.




I craft to bring your ideas to life.

Whether it be a website, a new look for your business or simply a post on a social media platform, I can deliver what you need, exactly how you want it with adaptions for modern day trends and the latest technology. This will bring your ideas to the forefront and will give your business the competitive edge.

I can work with you on a short term basis, this would be to do a single job such as build a website or design a logo. I can also work with you on a long-term basis such as updating and adding to your website as you need or running your social network accounts to attract and engage your clients.

  • HTML, CSS & Javascript Front-end
  • PHP & Node.js Back-end
  • C++/Java
  • Photoshop/Illustrator
  • ---
  • Imperial College London Student - Master's in Electronic & Information Engineering
  • 2 A*s & 2 As in A Level Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Computing
  • Learning for 6 years, Experience of 2 years

Check some of my latest work.

It's been a busy few years with lots of projects.
I have learnt so much and here is a snapshot of some designs...

Dance Culture Club


Jack Anthony Photography


Imperial Polygon

Jazz & Rock

State Of Nature

The Lucky Dip



I live in beautiful London

I live in London for university
but spend a lot of time in Liverpool.

Why not drop me an email and tell me about your ideas?